Read:  Matthew 18:15-20yes, you’ll need your Bible for these!


All communities have their ups and downs.  Some personalities gel together great—like those roommates down the hall who are instant best friends.  Others struggle to find a way to connect.  And worse still is when an offense (perceived or real) between parties occurs.  Then what?  How do you handle it?  How do you live together, among, and with those who are not like you?  Do not think like you, act like you, look like you, or live like you?


Reading our Gospel lesson for this coming Sunday (September 7th) is a reminder that even among Christians, there are disagreements.  The specifics of the problems do not matter as much as the way they are handled.  And notice, in Matthew, they are handled by the community.  Not alone. 


Even though the semester has just begun, there may be things that are festering in your community life.  Where are they?  What role are you playing?  Are you interested in seeking resolution?  Or excited by the prospect of stirring things up?  And perhaps most important of all, does the reminder that Jesus is present with you in all things give you hope amidst your concerns?


If you want to see Jesus, first make sure that you’re in harmony with His people.


Dear Jesus, thank you for the gift of community.  Though sometimes frustrating, the people around me may just be helping me see you in a new way.  Amen.  

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