Welcome, All!


College Connections 2008-2009 has changed its format – no longer an email sent to your inbox—but a BLOG!



Our blog plans to contain:


-A weekly devotion based on the upcoming Sunday’s Bible readings

-Information and updates about First Lutheran

-Church news, events, & ministry happenings in the area

-Guest bloggers from Blooming Prairie

-Pictures of events and life in the land of the Blossoms


Easier to use than before, you can bookmark this site and log on your own time.  Designed to address the special questions of young adult life, this blog is for First Lutheran college students, military enlistees, and/or young adults in the workforce.  (Though parents and other older adults are welcome to read anytime as well.)  You can easily share this address with your Christian friends.


This new, interactive format will let you leave a comment or ask a question.  You may also email me directly, same as always, at: pastorheidiheimgartner@hotmail.com. 

The first devotion, entitled “Community,” is already posted.


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