Have You Found A Church Home Yet?

For those away from home, come on.  What are you waiting for?!?!?  You have access to every piece of information you would need to find a church community.  Now is the time to go, worship (take a friend, would ya ?!?), and see how you fit.  Go more than once before you decide you don’t like a particular congregation (or that you really do).  Give it a chance.  The longer you wait into the semester the harder it is to “break in” to the habit. 

For those of you at state colleges and universities, here are a couple of links for you:

http://archive.elca.org/scriptlib/DHES/directory/website_list.asp  for an online directory of Lutheran Campus Ministries by state.

OR, if you just want to look up traditional congregations in your town, go to www.elca.org and click on the “Find a Congregation” link at the bottom right corner, heading “Site Tools.”  You can search by ZIP code and it will link to the congregation’s own website, if available.

For many of you at private institutions, you may have daily or weekly chapel services, or even a campus congregation with fellow students in leadership roles.  Check your college website for details.  For military friends, you too have access to spiritual communities.  Contact your chaplain or commanding officer.

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