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Hello everyone from Pastor Karl,  Interim serving as Senior Pastor  at First Lutheran during the time that the Call Process is happening.   If you are in town and in church one of these Sundays, please look for me and let’s have a very short get acquainted conversation, longer if you’d like.


Opening to and experiencing new possibilities.   Is that what college, or maybe any form of being away from home, is for you?


Most colleges and universities have some form of Lutheran Ministry,  though sometimes these are quite different expressions of what the church is all about than that which you experienced back home.   Try it.  You might like it, or at least might have an interesting experience.


One of the joys of Interim Ministry has to do with new experiences in new settings.  God, and the people of God, work in a large variety of ways..  That, itself, is exciting.        


The Call Committee at First Church is doing well.  Perhaps you filled out one of the pink (hot pink) survey forms that the Committee used to try to get a sense of some of the factors the congregation might want in a new pastor.  It is likely you have a perspective on the effectiveness of the congregation in working with and providing opportunities for young adults to be built up in the faith.    Though you may have missed the survey process, the committee might still wish to hear a few things from you.   If you have any thoughts on this, you might e-mail the committee chair – Betty Behnken, or committee member – Joe Gibson or me. 


Hope to meet you soon – Peace – Pastor K   

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  1. Hi friends,

    Pastor Karl mentions finding a place of worship while you are away. Check out the post entitled, “Have You Found A Church Home Yet?” for some helpful links.

    God bless you all, wherever you are! Pastor Heidi

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