The Waiting Game

I am not good at waiting.  Doctor running behind for the well-baby appointment?  I sit and think of the million things I’d rather be doing while jiggling a tired baby on my knee.  Long line at the grocery store?  I whip out three magazines to look over–and sometimes don’t even put them back in the right slot.  Electrical storm puts our power out?   My sense of goodness and faith in the power company is seriously challenged as the hours go on and on and on.

Yet all of our passages assigned for Sunday will pick up this theme of the end times, and the reality of waiting.  Not the necessity of waiting–as in, you must wait to learn some spiritual lesson–no, just the reality of it.  Avoiding waiting is not possible in this life, and perhaps especially not possible in the life of faith.

I was at a conference this week where the speaker, Rev. Susan Briehl, opened the Psalms to us.  It was like reading them again for the first time.  So, our word for today comes from the Psalm assigned for this coming Sunday, November 9th:

But as for me, I am poor and needy;
       come quickly to me, O God. 
       You are my help and my deliverer; bench1
       LORD, do not delay.

-Psalm 70:5

Waiting is a reality.  What will you do with the time on your hands?  Will you bless God, or curse God? 

Prayer:  God of stillness, God of activity:  bless our waiting with purpose.  And bless our purposes with waiting.  Amen.

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