Devotion for the Third Week in Advent, 2008

Hi Friends,

Pastor Karl is our guest blogger this week, with thoughts on our assigned second lesson for this coming Sunday (12-14-08), the Third Sunday in Advent.  This devotion was originally given Wednesday, December 10th, at our midweek Advent service.-HH

1 Thessalonians 5:12-24 candle

We worship,  guided by the meaningful HOLDEN EVENING PRAYER.  Here we are reminded of the gifts God sends to us,  mercy and love being two examples that come quickly to mind.   We sing about God’s sharing God’s self with us,  and even equipping us to respond.

In 1 Thessalonians we have suggetions on how to use, how to experience, and how to grow in our giftedness.   “Live in peace with each other.”  “Be joyful always.”   “Pray continually.”   “Give thanks in all circumstances.”   

Wouldn’t it be neat to be part of a community that actually worked that way?

The implication of the scrptural text is that God’s people in Thessalonica were sort of like that,  or moving in that direction,  so the writer is encouraging them to go further,  to keep working with these foundational tools.

Are you into this kind of effort?   Would you and some of your friends or associates have some of this going for you in your mini-community?  

Our passage ends by saying that our faithful God is working to lay these attitudes and styles on us,  and is constantly bringing us gifts.   Work with, and enjoy, what you are being given. 

Peace – Pastor Karl

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