U Pick the Prayer

Georges De La Tour, 1593-1652

Georges De La Tour, 1593-1652

To begin this week’s devotion, first open your Bible. 

Next, ponder these two readings:  I Samuel 3:1-10 [11-20] and John 1:43-51.

There are many things to wonder about in this week’s lectionary readings.  We have two beautiful call stories.  Neither are very similar at first glance–Samuel is young; Philip and Nathanael, adults.  We have a temple at Shiloh; then a fig tree in Galilee.  We have a sleepy mentor Eli and an exuberant Samuel;  then we have an exuberant Philip paired with a skeptical Nathanael.  We have a rarely-heard from LORD and a regular, everyday Jesus. 

And perhaps that’s the greatest conclusion we can reach today:  The call transcends any and all circumstances.  In fact, God’s call changes circumstances. 

We are left with two, very different, but very compelling, prayers.  One is a personal prayer; the other has a more public focus–a prayer spoken to and for others.  Here are your choices:

Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. (I Sam 3:10)

Come, and see.  (John 1:46)


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