Where I’ve Been


My sabbatical began on Monday, January 26th.  So far, I’ve had to rely on my home computer for most communication.  I didn’t realize how much information I store in my church office–nor how often I like to consult paper files!!! So, it’s been a little tedious to shuffle paper back and forth.  So far, though, I can say I’ve only snuck into the office one time.

The Committee and I have visited our first congregation, Our Savior’s in Austin, to participate in their “Faith-Full Families” program.  It’s designed for fellowship, learning, and also to encourage faith practices in the home.  Only tangentially related to Confirmation, it’s really to lay the groundwork as elementary kids that faith stuff is for the FAMILY to work through together–not just for the “one” in Confirmation classes. 

Next week, we will be having more visits.  But only if I get the phone calls made today!

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