A Few More Days…

Dear Friends,

Next Wednesday, I will officially return to the hustle and bustle of church life, as Part One of my Sabbatical concludes.  I, along with our committee, have been busy these four weeks learning and experiencing some other churches’ educational ministries, including Confirmation.  Though we are still thinking through all that we have seen and learned, we are certainly grateful for the experience.

I know things at First Lutheran have kept going very well–for through the counsel of the Holy Spirit, and under Pastor Karl’s steady leadership, the church council and other leaders have came up with some great new directions at their retreat.  Also, Barb Peterson has begun her stead as our Spiritual Care Minister.  I will return to see some new things underway, and this is exciting!

Though we are far from ready to make our changes for Confirmation programming, I do want to share a few thoughts with you at the Adult Forum on Sunday, March 1st.  Please come and join the conversation.

In the meantime, these next few days are very important times in our liturgical life.  We conclude the season of Epiphany this Sunday, February 22nd, with the reading of the story of the Transfiguration (Mark 9:2-9).  Then the season of Lent officially begins on Ash Wednesday, February 25th.  We will worship at the Prairie Manor chapel at 1:45 pm and again at First Lutheran at 7 pm.  I hope that you will make time to join us:  for times of rest need not always be times of solitude; they can also be times when the community comes together to confess the strong name of Jesus, our Lord.


Peace to you!

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