The Kingdom in the Vineyard

Kingdom(?) Greetings:  Questions.

Where do we get the energy to move through life with grace?  Where do we get clarity on matters that are important, on life or death, on purpose or goal?  In prayer you likely use The Lord’s Prayer, either in the Assembly or in your private prayer time. There are those phrases about the coming kingdom and the will of God.

Today let’s focus on the Kingdom of God expressing itself here and now, and the Will of God being exercised in our everyday lives. The writer of the Gospel we call “John” describes a tight connection between the Christian, the church, and the Lord.

In John 15:1-11 he portrays a tight connection of the Christian person with the source of grace, life, purpose and kingdom.  The vine he uses as a model is likely grape vine.  Vines intertwine tightly and the branches and twigs grow from the vines in ways that make it hard for the observer to know which vine the branch comes from.  He urges the reader to remembner the connection to the vine, and with that that connection to the other branches and twigs, and then says “abide.”  Hang in there, stay with it, remain.  The flip side of this is that The Lord abides in us, with us, and that especially means with us plural, with the fellowship, the church, the Body of Christ.  The Father abides with us in the manner and with the attitude of Love. 

photograph by Ian Britton

photograph by Ian Britton

How about that for a source of energy to move through life with grace, and with at least the start of clarity regarding important things?  Perhaps we are approaching the Kingdom of God through this vineyard route.  When we and our sisters and brothers are aware of our connection to the vine, when we abide, and when we are open to the love, that God is at work in our midst and in our lives, we are experiencing Kingdom stuff.

Stay connected!

Want to go a little farther? Read 1 John 4, where another person writing in the name and spirit of John, says “We love, because he first loved us.”  That can be sung. 

Peace to all!  Pastor Karl