From Pastor Karl Korbel

Dear Bloggies (Bloggers?)(Friends of the Blog?)
Let’s talk about change and possibility.  Christ brought about great change.  He clearly demonstrated that God’s attitude toward people, toward all creation, is loving and caring,  and that that attitude is demonstrated in loving and caring action.  This was apparently a new way at looking at God for most people. 
It is still hard to convince some people of that.
95 theses
The Lutheran denomination started from an effort to bring about change.  It succeeded in ways that the early figures of what we call, “The Reformation”,  could not have foreseen.
Some of us see the actions taken at the recent Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as change.
Here at First Church there has been some change.  There is the obvious pastoral change, now completed. 
And, still regarding Staff,  we have the services of a Spiritual Care Minister.
The work of the Reformation Band has come to an end.  There is a new back-up organist.  A new worship book has already been experienced and will soon be in our pews as a major tool for worship. (Do you like cranberry?)
Guided by the work accomplished during Pastor Heidi’s Sabbatical,  there are changes in our educational ministries,  including Sunday School and Confirmation Class.
Some of the ways work is accomplished within the congregation are new.
Scripture has images and words that celebrate the coming of the new,  the radically new, like Jesus, and the refreshing renewals that emanate from the biggies.
What might be ahead for you in the adventure – life?  I’m not sure of the understanding that “The Lord has a plan for my life,”  at least not if that means the Lord wants to micro-manage each of us.  But as far as opening up opportunities for growth, for love,  for fulfillment, for renewal and refreshment,  a lot is being offered.  
Are you being renewed?  Revitalized?  Changed?
God’s peace.    Pastor Karl