On Teaching

School has begun this week, and our programs here at church are also gearing up.  Along with the usual excitement, we have a remodeled high school building which is not only beautiful, but also seems to have breathed new excitement into the entire community.  Here at church, we have made some long-overdue changes to our Confirmation programming.  It’s an internal “remodel,” which I hope will have the same effect.

It is an interesting coincidence, then, that all of our lessons assigned for the week speak to the theme of teaching.  Each lesson:  Isaiah 50:4-9a, James 3:1-12, and Mark 8:27-38 contain the verb “teach” or “teaching.”  (Maybe it’s not a coincidence at all.)


As a faith community, when we speak of teaching, we are not speaking only of the imparting of information.  Teaching is broader and deeper.  It speaks to conduct, lifestyle, character, as well as beliefs.  When we endeavor to teach others about Christ’s love, then, often what we say is of the least importance.  What do the learners hear?  What do they see?  How does the learner feel?

Teaching involves the entire person–body, mind, and spirit.  Who were the most influential teachers for you?  And how can you take the wisdom they shared and pass it on? 

What do you still need to learn?  How is Jesus Christ teaching you right now, today?

Teaching God, knowledge is but one component of our life together.  Help us follow as disciples in a way that engages us entirely, that we might reflect your love to the wider world.  Amen.

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