One Year Later

We have been using this weblog for approximately 13 months.  (Though it was designed in July 2008, there were no actual posts until September).  So in that time frame–and as of this writing–5,025 of you have looked us up, found our site by accident, or otherwise become readers of the First Lutheran of Blooming Prairie Blog.

I want to thank you sincerely for your readership this past year.  Because of you, this blog has become a place to follow local news and mission opportunities; follow local people in their joys and struggles;  and to consider God’s work in our weekly devotions.   

I mean–who would have thought that we could find a way to provide information to those who Google search42-15660639 “Blooming Prairie” and “Lutefisk Dinner”?!?!?  Truly, God works in mysterious ways.

I also want to take a moment to offfer you the invitation to have this site become more interactive by leaving a comment.  You needn’t give your full name to offer a comment, and wordpress (our hosting domain) is vigilant about privacy (one of the reasons I chose them as our hosting domain in the first place).

So again, with gratitude in my heart for your readership, I wish our blog a belated Happy Birthday.  I can hardly wait to see how we change and grow in our second year.

Peace to each one in the Spirit of Jesus Christ,


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