ELCA Relief for Haiti

Our ELCA is already on the ground and in the process of mobilizing support for Haitians devastated by earthquake on Tuesday, January 12.  Please click on the link below; you can read more, and even donate online by credit card to ELCA Disaster Response.They promise that “100% of your gift will be used in full to bring life sustaining support to this crisis.”


Prayer for the people of Haiti

Loving God, in the communion of Christ, we are joined with the trials and sufferings of all.  Be with those who endure the effects of the earthquake in Haiti.  Protect those in the path of danger.  Open the pathway of evacuations.  Help loved ones find one another in the chaos.  Provide assistance to those who need help.  Ease the fears of all and make your presence known in the stillness of your peace; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

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