Biblical Emotions

This week’s series of readings are worth a careful review.  Each passage is fraught with emotion. 

We hear about fear and apprehension in Jeremiah.

Shame, hope, and confidence from the Psalmist.

There’s a whole lot of patience, kindness, envy, arrogance going around in ancient Corinth.

And in Jesus’ hometown, we learn how quickly emotions can change.  In this case, from amazement to blinding rage.

So tell me again: why is it that so many say, “the Bible just doesn’t speak about anything that applies to my real life”?

I invite you to ponder, this weekend, how each and every human emotion is part of the story of God.

Dear Lord, you created our innermost emotions.  Reveal, through your people, the one emotion you deemed the greatest:  love.  Amen.

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