Listen up, American Christians!  The metaphor of fishing in the New Testament has been lost in translation.

We imagine a pole, some line, a lure or some bait…and a lot of waiting.  Perhaps we imagine some sort of “Bassmasters” pomp.  Here in Minnesota, fishing might mean a tip-up and a hole in the ice.

In contrast, Palestinian fishing, as Luke discusses it, was commerical.  Communal.  Imagine heavy nets, hard work, long days and treacherous waters.  Imagine dragging in and sorting the varied catch.  Imagine tending the tears in the net.  Then, finding a buyer for the catch.  Maintaining a vessel, and squeaking out a living.

What if our Christian vision of “fishing for people” looked a whole lot more like the church as a net, cast wide and far, and whole lot less like a one person wiggling bait?

Lord Jesus, use your church like a wide net.  Use us.  Use me.  Amen.

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