Somewhere in the ebb and flow of time and space, from the Old to the New Testaments, the connotations of a veil changed.  First seen as modest, prudent, even essential for Moses, St Paul’s rhetoric in 2 Corinthians gives the idea that a veil is mostly an impediment.  A barrier.  Something that should be–or has been–done away with in Christ.

When you think of a veil, what images come to mind?  A bride in white?  A Muslim woman?  An erotic harem courtesan?  A female mourner? 

And for those of us who have never donned an actual, material veil, I wonder:  do we use invisible veils to cover our joy and radiance, our beauty or our pain, our sexuality, or to maintain our modesty?  How does our faith in Christ make sense of the Old veil of prudence and the unveiled boldness we claim in the New?

Lord Christ, reveal your glory in each shining face.  Amen.

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