The Color of our Glasses-Part One

Many of us do not recognize nor understand the term Hermeneutic, it is a strange sounding word, do you know what it means?  For me it was a relatively new term when I entered seminary.  Even though I had heard the term before, I had no reason to ever use it. Webster defines it as, “Interpretive; Explanatory; The science and methodology of interpretation, especially of Scriptural text.”

Over the next few weeks I plan to share a few of my thoughts on the meaning behind this term and concept behind understanding Scripture.  This term comes to the forefront for me as I walk with people who all have differing (and very faithful) interpretations of Biblical Scripture relative to the current day issue of homosexuality.  I invite any of you to walk with me as I discover again the significance of hermeneutics for our time. 

Once in a while, I forget my glasses before heading out the door (I only need them for reading).  When this  happens, I catch myself in a panic as soon as I realize I cannot read fine print without them.  If you are like me you simply cannot borrow someone else’s glasses, their glasses don’t allow me to see the way I believe I need to see.  But those same glasses do allow that person to see the way they need to see.  Our eye glasses, which we peer through, tend to be a specific prescription for each of us.  Another way to look at glasses is how differently tinted sun glasses will change how the landscape appears.  These references to glasses are part of how we will begin to understand the concept of hermeneutics, what does scripture look like to the next person, through their glasses, that may be different from my view?

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