The Color of Our Glasses – Part Two

The Color of Our Glasses – Part II

Photo of Tilikum from flickr:

News of the tragic death of the female whale trainer at Sea World in Orlando Florida has likely entered every home in America by now but the officials are still trying to sort out exactly what happened.  From a radio broadcast yesterday, I heard the Sheriff of Orange County Florida (Orlando area) ask first hand observers for any video footage they may have captured of the tragedy.  Officials are needing video evidence to piece together the details of the event.   Even though many people watched this tragedy unfold in front of them, the Sheriff says all of the first hand witnesses he interviewed have differing stories for what exactly happened.    I’ve heard of this phenomenon to exist in other instances where officials needing to put together the facts surrounding an event discover all of the witnesses’ stories to be different. 

One must wonder how who we are affects how we observe and interpret what we see and hear.  Did feelings about how beautiful and loving Shamu was during her show or during their “lunch with Shamu” affect how spectators saw the attack of Tilikum the killer whale?  Or did flashbacks from the movie “Jaws” influence how they saw the event unfold in front of them?  We probably will never know, but what we do know is that the Sheriff of Orange County Florida can’t seem to get the facts from those who saw it first hand.  What the Sheriff is doing now is sorting through a variety of hermeneutics, until he finds an actual video of the entire tragedy.  Who we are affects how we observe and what we understand.

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  1. I appreciate how you show an everyday experience can also function as a hermaneutic. It brings home the point that each of us, indeed, has a hermaneutic, or a color to our glasses.

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