No Fig Grows Overnight

The story we will hear in worship this Sunday, March 7, 2010 is one of those that will make you go, “Hmmm.  What does Jesus mean?”  And perhaps, depending on the state of our own heart, we will hear his words differently.  Consider, for example, the parable at the end of the reading.  Is Jesus’ message about the fig tree life-saving and gracious?  Or harsh and judgmental?   What kind of methods does this gardening Jesus have in mind?  And will it have any effect on that poor tree?  Giving it one more year; is that a statement about the tree, or a statement about the one who cares for the tree? 

Perhaps it is told in this way to make us wonder.  After all, no fig will grow overnight.

Tending Lord, bring forth fruit in our lives.  Amen.

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