Another Milestone Reached

Somewhere around Sunday, April 11, 2010 our blog reached 10,000 hits. 

10,000 hits!  And that’s not counting my visits at all!

When this ministry was inaugurated in the fall of 2008, I feared that the blog would only be read by me, my sister, and a few parishioners.  After a bit of a slow start–and lots of learning on my part about the ins and outs of the blogosphere–it seems our faithful readers are enjoying what they see. 

THANK YOU for reading along.  You are appreciated.

And if any of you out there in the First Lutheran Church community would like to write a guest column, please contact me, pastorhh, or pastorcl.

One thought on “Another Milestone Reached

  1. Way to go!. Ours is almost at 1,400. The religion page of the Rapid City Journal did a little article about our blog last Saturday. Fun to watch as word gets out. Thanks for your help.

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