The Color of Our Glasses – Part 5

I took a short break from this series due to a vision issue, no pun intended.  On Good Friday I began to lose my vision because of detached and tearing retinas.  In these days of  recuperation following successful surgeries, I have been pondering what this means for me as I try to make sense out of Biblical hermeneutics for others by writing a series with a focus upon our individual perceptions of scripture.    Initially I can say my perspective on the many Bible stories about blind people and restoration of sight have changed and will likely continue to change.  I will no longer assume the role of one helping the blind and instead take on the role of the blind and helpless one calling for help.  No longer will I only think on what I can or might do, but rather on what God has done and will do. 

A few years ago I preached for the third time on the parable of the Good Samaritan.  As I prepared the sermon I found myself tired and struggling with this story… yet again, until, it dawned on me that maybe instead of trying on the roles of the Priest, Levite, or the good Samaritan, I could try the role of the beaten and left for dead person in the ditch.  Soon I began to see the meaning of this story in an entirely new light.  Instead of thinking I or someone else “should” tend to the needs of another “in the ditch” of life, that maybe we are all in the “ditch” of life and have incredible need of a loving savior.  Considering the desperate needs of others, even when they don’t appear desperate (because we may be over on the other side of the road and can’t see their lives in full view) is a wonderful avenue away from the judgementalism that so easily invades our lives.  So the next time you feel the need to measure-up someone because of what you think to be true or right, think first that they might just happen to have been beaten and left for dead in the ditch of life.  

It was an amazing moment when the eye surgeon told me I would see again (I did not know they could do such a thing).  I felt like a badly beaten and left-for-blind person laying in a ditch until being rescued by being told I would see again.   Thanks to our merciful and loving God.  Steadfast, isn’t He?