System Restore

Psalm 23 is assigned for this Sunday, April 25th in worship.  In the translation used in our new Evangelical Lutheran Worship book, verse three is as follows:  “You restore my soul, O Lord.”  It is not only a confession, but a repudiation.  For what or who else can restore our souls but the Lord?

Every once in a while (or maybe more often than that!) computers go haywire.  Often, the solution to the glitch is to re-boot; shut down the running software programs and restart the machine.  Sometimes, when the glitch is very severe, one must go through the process of wiping the hard drive memory and restoring the entire system.  I have had to do this more than once, and though it is arduous, it is the only real alternative.

What is true with computers is true with people, at least in a sense.  But we do not reboot ourselves when things go haywire. 

Instead, God’s goodness and mercy, following us all the days of our lives, anointing us, filling our cup to overflowing, leading us beside still waters, comforting us by rod and staff, guiding us along right pathways, walking through the valley and promising us a dwelling…God reboots us

Arduous for God, but grace for us.

You restore my soul, O Lord.  Amen.