Better Part

This Sunday’s Gospel reading has a short story that functions almost like a parable in Jesus’ own life.  As he visits the home of Mary and Martha, he doesn’t so much mediate their dispute (the age-old question of action versus contemplation?) as he does remind them that they are both playing for the same team. 

There is ample room in life for both listening and serving, after all.  Each is necessary!  But Jesus knows something we seem to have trouble remembering:  the human heart is a poor multi-tasker.  We cannot listen and toil at the same time.   There is a time and a place for activity, and a time and a place for stillness. 

There is no time and no place, it seems, for resentment.

Lord of every part:   may the presence of Christ help us to discern what is the better part, in each moment.  Amen.