Seating Chart

One of my least-favorite activities is coming into a filled banquet room and wondering where I should sit.  Usually, my anxiety stems from just what our lessons speak of this Sunday:  I fear being presumptuous, especially if the crowd is mostly strangers.  And what if I take the place of someone who just left for a moment to use the restroom?  It’s painful to be told, “Sorry.  This seat is taken.”

One of my most-favorite activities is coming into a filled banquet room that has namecards.  Problem solved!  Even if I sit at at table of complete strangers, I sit knowing my host or hostess placed me there for a reason.  Perhaps s/he thought I would have something in common with my table-mates, for example.  Even if we don’t become instant friends, we mingle cordially, united by our friendship with the host who has invited us there.  The pressure is off, both for myself and those around me, and we simply get to enjoy the meal, not jockey for position. 

The relief I feel when I see a placecard with my name on it in a crowded banquet frees me…it frees me to savor the party.

Do you think heaven has namecards?

Gracious God, guide each one of us to find our place with you.  Amen