KOWZ now streaming online

Hey friends,

Whether you are near or far you can now listen to KOWZ, 100.9 FM over the internet.  Click over to their website and look for the link at the left, titled, “Listen Online.”  A new window will launch that begins to play the audio; make sure you have speakers turned up.

Yes, this means that you can listen to our worship services as they’re being live-broadcast on Sunday mornings from 1,000 miles away.  Which is pretty cool if you’re traveling on a business trip, or in college, or deployed in the military.

Yes, this also means that you can be at the coffeeshop with your headphones on, even if you’re only a few miles away from church.  (Quick!  We need a name for people who do that:  stealth worshipers?)

Technology is amazing.  I thank God for it often, and the variety of ways we connect to and care for each other with it.  Just remember (((this))) is not a real hug AND listening online to church may not be as nourishing to the spirit as gettin-up-in-the-morning-and-sittin-in-the-pew.  Plus, there will be no way to get communion to you through your laptop.  Sorry.

Just the same, however you connect to your faith community, please–just connect.  Worship with us.  Worship with others.  Just…worship.

One thought on “KOWZ now streaming online

  1. I tried to connect up yesterday, but ran out of memory on my computer, (It even happens on line!!!!):) So we went back to the trusty radio.

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