“But not a hair of your head will perish.”  Luke 21:18 [entire passage for Nov 14, 2010 here]

Why would Jesus make such a foolish claim?  Obviously some were going to die for the Christian cause (and still do).  In fact, all of the hairs on all of our heads will perish, someday.  They fall out because of old age, chemotherapy, hormone changes…or eventually, in death.  The disciples knew the real truth then, and we know it now.  Hair does perish. 

So what is Jesus really trying to say?

This, I believe, is a statement not to be taken at face value, but as a metaphor of preservation, a sign of comfort amidst the real fears of the age.  God cares about you, and preserves your life, right down to the tiniest follicle.  Death (or threats of any kind) have nothing on this radical promise.  Nothing.  New life is announced to every part of your being.

God of justice, keep speaking your radical promises, so I can cling to the depth of your power. Amen.

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