King of Kings

Christ the King Sunday is the most recent addition to our liturgical calendar.  The story chosen for this year’s “celebration” of Christ as King is an ironic one:  the crucifixion story.

The irony was not lost on those present at Golgatha, for they wove for him a crown of thorns.  Underneath Jesus’ cross was written the words, “This is the King of the Jews.”  The theives beside him used their dying breath to debate his reign.  This King promises eternal life to one of them, even as he allows himself to be put to death with them.

The title was King. And yet the face was one of pure suffering, in the throes of a murderous torture.  It was all one, big, ironic scandal.

Christ the King, you reign over your people with powerful humility.  In your mercy, reign over us forever.  Amen.

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