Isaiah is Calling

This Advent, we will be reading selected passages from the prophet Isaiah.  For the first Sunday in Advent, November 28th, we hear this call.  Instead of a call to arms, it is a call to peace.  Instead of a call to scatter far and away, it is a call to go up, together, to the mountain of the Lord.  Instead of a call to walk our own “truths,” it is a call to walk in God’s ways. 

We are coming off of a weekend when Black Friday and lavish Thanksgiving tables dominates the news; yet in our country there is record unemployment (still), rumors of war between the Koreas, and so much more.  15% of American families are now considered “food insecure”–meaning they do not have the resources to eat 3 square meals a day for an entire month on their own, but will need to seek assistance (or go without) at some point in those 30 days.

In a culture that sees this time before Christmas as a countdown to presents, can we hear Isaiah’s call to peace, to togetherness, to plows and pruning hooks, to God’s ways?  Can we walk in the light of the Lord?

God of holy mountains, give us your light, that we may walk in your path.  Amen.

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