Three Little Words

Theologian David Lose, referring to our Gospel reading for Sunday, January 16, 2011 from John 1, writes the following:

Most of us grew up hearing that the three most important words in life are “I love you,” and I believe they are. But when it comes to our lives of faith – and maybe even the future of the church – I suspect that the three second-most important words are “Come and see.”

Lose explains that these words are not words of coercion, or judgment, or threat, or intimidation.  These are words we’d use if we wanted to invite someone to our favorite musician in concert, for example.  How many of us see our spiritual lives in such a way that we need not coerce or argue (OR keep silent and fearful), but simply invite as Jesus does?

Lord, you don’t just deliver Good News, you embody it.  May we follow your example of evangelism, and so give glory to your name, trusting you to do the rest.  Amen.

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