Draw a Picture-Take a Look!

Do you recall in your elementary school days or perhaps in a seminar when the teacher or leader asked you to draw a picture of your day, or a picture of your life?  We begin to draw and soon find at least something on the page.  Some of us would fill the page with pictures and colors.  And often when that exercise is done the leader would talk about the things that fill up our lives, the things and people that make up our lives.  We take a look at our lives by looking at a picture.  Rarely would somebody simply NOT draw or write something on their paper, it just didn’t happen.  Even the poorest artists try to draw something and those half asleep would awaken enough to mark on their page.  Rarely, because our lives are filled, they are not empty. 

In our gospel reading this week (Matthew 6:24-34) Jesus calls upon us to “not worry.”  Behind any concern of worry we will always see a picture of scarcity, a blank page that denies all that truly does exist.    Jesus simply asks his disciples to look around, look at the picture of life that God has drawn, it is full, it is abundant, it is colorful.  Scarcity is not part of God’s plan for us, so Jesus says, do not worry, there is no blank page in this life to support your worry.

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