Night and Day

John La Farge, Visit of Nicodemus at Night, 1880

The ending of Daylight Savings Time last weekend has caused a re-awakening around our town.  Birds have returned in force; the robins’ chatter lasts all morning on the church lawn as they hop continuously, pecking at dirty snow, discerning food.  Young and old are returning to their outside exercise routines, squirrels are in a frenzy (because the neighborhood dogs are in their backyards again?), and in general, moods are lighter.

But this Sunday, March 20, 2011, we hear a reading that occurs at night.  Nicodemus comes to Jesus after dark–shorthand for “in secret.”  He has questions, questions, questions.  And Jesus has a listening ear, and so much more.  He has time, words, and best of all:  promises.  He offers light in the dark.  He is light in the dark.  He is light. 

“How can this be?”  the readers of John’s Gospel ask, alongside of Nicodemus.  These fascinating teachings Jesus shares stun the learned, stifle the hypocrites, and free the sinners.

We are entering fully into the themes of Lent now.  Consider the questions you bring to Jesus in secret.  Where in your life do you find yourself saying, “How can this be?” 

And as you sit, with Jesus and your questions, what does Jesus say to you?

God of dark spaces and enlightened places, in our deepest questions, you have time, words, and, best of all–promises.  Amen.