Boy Sees Hearts. You?

The readings for this Sunday, April 3, 2011, all focus on the metaphor of seeing versus blindness and light versus darkness.  Common themes in Scripture, and rich ones at that.

The first reading is the story of the anointing of least-likely son of Jesse as King David, the second reading has to do with urging the Christian community to live in the light, and the Gospel reading brings them both together with a healing of both physical and spiritual blindness.

In researching this Sunday’s sermon, I stumbled across this project:  Boy Sees Hearts.  In two years, Eric Tilchin and his iPhone compositions have become a worldwide phenomenon.  Is it naive and simplistic to see hearts in dirty napkins and coffee stains, or has Boy Sees Hearts struck a deep need for connection and hope?

I guess it begs the question.  What do you see happening all around you? 

And what don’t you see? 

Lord, we believe (John 9: 38).  We believe that you see us as we are.  Amen.

One thought on “Boy Sees Hearts. You?

  1. What we visualize is so important, more important is what guides us to see what we see. Your Biblical examples are key as formative means to guide our seeing. Thank you so much for this “seeing” vision.

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