Daily Grace App from Women of the ELCA

Just read the news release on this today and I think this is super-cool!

Read more about this daily devotion/inspiration app from Women of the ELCA here.

Or, just visit the iTunes App Store and search for “Daily Grace.”

Sure beats playing Angry Birds or checking email while you’re waiting for your doctor’s appointment…

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the word! In our first week with this app, we’ve had downloads from Canada, Singapore, China, the United Kingdom, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa and Finland … plus the U.S. of course. We’re excited about sharing Daily Grace across the globe!

    Linda Post Bushkofsky
    Executive director, Women of the ELCA

  2. This is wonderful news! So glad to do our part to spread the word. AND The Word.

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