Shocking Words

It seems to me that anytime I turn on the TV news, or for sure any of the cable news networks, I am met with these words: BREAKING NEWS!  As these same words are presented to us over and over again it is very probable that some people succumb to the despairing messages engendered in those words.  Please know, I do not wish to underestimate the unfortunate nature of recent news events, but how often are these things truly breaking news and how do these repeated messages affect us? 

Our Bible readings for this Sunday from Ezekiel and St. John include some pretty disastrous scenes that certainly could be deemed as BREAKING NEWS!  In fact, the writers of these passages use some pretty bold and descriptive language such as “rattling dry bones” on the parched floor of a valley and a “stench because he has been dead four days” coming from the tomb of Lazarus.  Maybe these shocking and death filled words are meant to disturb us to the point that we are reminded that even in the driest moments of life and most stench filled times of despair, God will create new life.  Just as God breathed new life into those dry bones and dear old Lazarus, so too will God breathe new life into our times of sadness, disaster, and death.

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