All four Gospels give us the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  But Jesus came and went from that city lots of times–what made this different?  (Psst…You’ll have to read the Bible to find out.)

One of the things I notice each year during Palm Sunday is the word which we leave in the original language:  Hosanna!  It is a particular liturgical (worship) word.  It is a word we only use in worship.  I doubt that I have ever spoken this word outside of church circles.  Hosanna can mean, “Save us.”   It has a tone of urgency to it, of desperation.  But Hosanna also has a tone of praise. There is joy, too, in the word Hosanna.

You will notice this Sunday that our worship has both themes, as well:  the theme of praise along with the pleading for salvation.  For people in that era, Jesus’ parade into town–in fact, his entire ministry–is both wonderful and dire, and both at the same time. 

When have you felt compelled to praise and plead, both at the same time?  When in your life can you imagine yourself on the roadside, shouting “Hosanna!”  to Jesus? 

Hosanna, Lord Jesus.  We praise you.  Save us.  Amen.