For Sunday, May 8th

So much emotion this week.

Tornado devastation in the south.  Record flooding of the Mississippi.  A stunning, stealth war victory.  The honoring of mothers.  Liriano pitching a  no-hitter.  Who was voted off Dancing with the Stars.

There is much to discuss as we travel through life together.  Violence and victory, power and peace, love and war.   And many voices, in our nation and worldwide, are speaking with passionate fervor this week.

As we read the Gospel text selected for this third Sunday of Easter [and I hope we all do; here it is],  let me ask you:  where do you see Jesus, hidden and revealed, in this week, in this life? 



As we discuss, one thing seems clear:  Jesus did not come alongside to halt the conversation of the disciples.  Rather, to ground that conversation in the God of all things, all times, and all places.

Risen Lord Jesus–the incarnate God of roadways, the gracious God of tables–reveal yourself to us.  Amen.

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  1. Thank you for these thoughts, particularly, “grounding our conversations in the God of all things.” We’ve had nearly too many big conversations to comprehend this past week, this is a great way to continue on our journey.

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