All In

All in. It’s a term used in cards (poker) when the player gambles their whole stake.  All they’ve accrued, all they’ve “earned,” all they have…it all goes in.

Reading the Gospel lesson for this coming Sunday–the Sunday when we honor the doctrine of the Holy Trinity–I am imagining God going “all in” for us.  Read the Gospel [hyperlinked above] and notice how many big words and phrases come up:   things like everything, all, everyone, and always.  Now, many would say Jesus is the way God has gone all in for humanity.  But what about the all in moment of creation?  The all in moments of the Spirit’s outpouring at Pentecost?  Aren’t those examples of God going all in, too?

Many of us work hard, play hard, and live life to the fullest.  But we rarely go all in and risk everything we have, everything we are, for someone or something else.

What might it mean to believe in a God, a God as three-in-one, and one-in-three, a God who goes all in?  How might it change our understanding of sacrifice, risk, abundance, and even love?

God, Father, Son, Spirit:  we confess this doctrine of the Trinity as a way to speak of you as all in for us.  Amen.

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