“A sower went out to sow,” (Matt. 13:3) says Jesus. He continues with this parable saying that this sower sowed liberally – over the hard paths, onto rocky soil, and into the thorny patches…as well as onto the good rich soil.

We are also sowers of seed, and in our efforts to grow things we are quite careful to sow our precious seeds only onto the soil that has been carefully prepared, tilled, weeded and even fertilized so we can be assured our plants will grow.  This is also true when we sow our love and mercy through our gifts of time and money.  We are careful to scope out the causes to which we give.  When a solicitor calls on the phone, we want to know exactly where our money will go so we can at least think we are diligent in how we give away what we have.  Sometimes we even make judgments about the worthiness of the recipients; an example is how some folks get angered about “their” tax dollars going to people who don’t work or were not responsible enough to buy health insurance.   This writer will have to leave those decisions up to those who have both opinions and dollars enough to share.  : )

But, for me, I’m so glad that God does not feel this way about sowing his seeds of love, mercy, and grace around me.  Because I’m simply human, I could (at times) easily be tossed into any category called “heart…hard as pavement,” or “willingness to help anyone in need…often rocky,” or “thinking of others first…kinda thorny.”

As I look out my window I see green things growing up from the cracks in the sidewalk, I hope we can at least have some cracks in our hard exteriors, because God continues to sow His good seed onto whatever kind of surface we are.

Sower by Vincent Van Gogh 1889

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