He Spoke To Them in Parables, Saying…

This Sunday, July 24, we have six (seven if you count the very last thing about a new and old treasure) parables in rapid succession.  Matthew 13 is chock-full of these parables!  They’re everywhere!

What is a parable?  Well, the definition we give in Confirmation is:  a short story meant to teach, but it probably goes much deeper than that.  The word parable means two things laid side-by-side (a comparison).  More complex than a simple metaphor or an allegory,  a parable can have more than one interpretation.  Parables are designed to open imaginations and hearts, and to leave the listeners wondering.

So, with that in mind, reread the 6-7 parables we will hear this coming Sunday.  Which one captures your imagination?  Why, do you suppose, that is?  Are there any modern-day parables you would add to this list of what Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like?  Please add yours in the comments below.

God, you spoke in parables then.  Do you speak to us in parables now?  We wonder.  Amen.


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