Name That Header Contest

First, we want to thank all of you loyal blog readers.  It’s such a thrill to know that we are connecting near and far in this way.  God is so good!

Secondly, the blog celebrated its 3rd birthday in July.  Can you believe that?  You know, it takes some creativity to keep a blog interesting and lively.  We have done well with keeping the weekly posts going, maintaining links and keeping the tabs up to date…but we have not been so great at maintaining visual interest.  We’ve made only minor changes to the layout for the past 36 months.  Mostly, that’s good–complete website overhauls can be confusing.  But sometimes it makes for a “blah” experience if you are a frequent visitor…and many of you are.

SO, to spice things up a little bit, we are introducing a little contest once a month called “Name That Header.”  Once a month for the next year, the header* will change.  Be the first to identify the photo by leaving a comment either here or on FB, and you will win a little prize!  Pastorhh will notify you if you win.  Simple.  Fun.  Good luck!

*the picture at the very top of the blog that contains the heading: First Lutheran of Blooming Prairie

5 Responses

  1. Re. the Header: Would you like to have the “river mile” number too? Oops…sorry, I think I’m disqualified from this contest, but it sure looks like a great pic!

  2. Hey, guys, Jack is giving you a BIG HINT!

  3. The header looks like the front of our canoe on August 3rd, about mile 4 of our 10 mile adventure. C. W. and C.L. were a great paddling team! Note the smooth water ahead.

  4. Another BIG HINT from pastorcl. Come on, blog readers, the M & Ms are waiting for you.

  5. Correct answer received by Facebook comment on Friday, Sept 1: it is a picture of the Youth Canoe trip down the Namekagon River in NW Wisconsin in early August. Winner has been notified and can come claim her prize (and do some serious gloating if she wishes). Great job! Look for a new picture around Rally Sunday.

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