Looking Forward To It

This Sunday, August 21, we will be considering Peter’s confession of faith, a reading on spiritual gifts in the body of Christ, and a poem of steadfast love from the prophet Isaiah.  All three of these readings are proclaiming truth for the moment, but also pointing to a time beyond the now.

On the outside looking in, some see the faith practices of Christianity (going to worship on Sunday, praying before meals, Sunday School attendance, service to neighbor and various moral convictions) as old-fashioned.  Quaint.  Historical, even.  A nice vestige of a bygone era.  But what if we lived our faith in such a way that we met, perhaps even welcomed, the uncertainties of the future with hope and confidence?

God of all times, your strong arm stretches from the past, into the present, and beyond us into the future.  Because of your Son, we are looking forward to it.  Amen.