The Gospel passage for Sunday, Oct 16 is another exchange between Jesus and those who are looking to arrest him.  This time, they pose a question about the payment of taxes which turns into an object lesson, as the Roman coin, a denarius, is studied.  Jesus asks who is on the coin, and though the Bible we read translates those words as “head” and “title,” what Jesus is really asking is whose image is on the coin.

Image.  The images we behold hold us.  I think not only of coins, but of all sorts of images we see on a daily basis:  the red and white Coca-Cola slogan; the family portrait on our wall; the plastic-and-metal symbol embedded into the center of our steering wheels; our own faces in the mirror in the morning; the tattoos that we pay someone to imprint on us.

When we think of the almighty God, what image comes to mind?  Is knowing that you (Yes, you.  Really.  YOU.) have been made in God’s image hold more power in your life than the Coke bottle, the money in your pocket, or the tattoo you contemplated for years?

Holy God, give us holy image-ination, to trust your power beyond our oft-competing loyalties.  Amen.

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