Our Close Encounters

The weeks following Christmas and New Year’s day often feel less than exciting, perhaps even a bit depressing.  The First Sunday of Christmas has even received the alias “Low Sunday”– reflecting the lower voices, tempos, and attendance at worship services.

Some folks feel a kind of lowness after Christmas guests, our family and friends, have gone home.  We miss their presence.  It has been said that our “knowing” each other is greatest when we are with them in person and that even with our great methods of being in contact with loved ones by cell phone, texting or twitter, nothing can replace the feeling of being together in person.

Christmas is like that too, through our close encounters with the angels, shepherds, Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child we come to know God very well.  The Nativity story, the Christmas carols, Holy Communion with family around us, all inspire our faith and closeness to God.   It is no wonder that as the days past Christmas come and go our sense of knowing God with us might feel a bit distant.   But dear friends, from the gospel of Matthew Jesus promises, “I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  (28:20)