I have one card I look forward to receiving every Christmas from my aunt, who is a watercolor artist.  Each year, she sends a piece of art on the front of the card.  Often it’s a photograph of a holiday or winter-themed work she did on commission in her area, but this year I received something else.

An original watercolor in minature!  Here it is.  Of course, my photo does not do it justice.  It is much more beautiful in-person.

One thing I so admire about watercolor artists is their capacity to use nuanced changes in color and intensity, and blend them into one, cohesive image.  In this watercolor, my aunt appears to have used the absence of color in some places, just painting with water itself.

Painting with water itself.

Showing something new against what is colored in a different way.

This is exactly what God is doing in our Gospel story for Baptism of our Lord Sunday.

Holy God, you are always more beautiful in person.  Perhaps that’s what Jesus is all about.  Amen.

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