Word Search Kind of Faith

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Have you ever attempted a Word Search puzzle?

Simple word searches have a list of words at the bottom and then the goal is to locate those words among the many extra letters arranged in a grid.  Sometimes words in word searches will be vertically hidden, sometimes horizontally, sometimes diagonally. The hardest words to find are always the ones hidden backwards, aren’t they?  This is because our brain has a hard time taking a familiar pattern (like the spelling of a word) and reversing direction with it.

In our Gospel Reading for the Sixth Sunday of Epiphany, we are challenged to look beyond the familiar pattern of illness and healing.  Like a stubborn word search, we may have to look once, twice, ten times…or a lifetime!…to grasp what Jesus is doing.

Healing God, your renewing mercy is here all along, right in front of us.  Reach out your hand, and show us again.  Amen.

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