The Transfiguration of our Lord reading from Mark 9:2-9 (Sunday Feb. 19) is a story of change.

Transfiguration: a radical transformation of figure or appearance; metamorphosis.   The story(s) from the gospels of Matthew (17:1-9), Mark (9:1-9), and Luke (9:28-36) capture the attention of Peter, James and John as Jesus is transfigured before their eyes on the mountain.  The portrayal of this event draws our attention to the changing Jesus and creates unending discussions about what this all means.  But when the mountain event is over “suddenly,” the reading moves immediately to them “coming down the mountain.”  If we read further, we quickly realize that Jesus really has not changed, he continues to look the same, he continues to say and do very similar things as before.  So, who is meant to change?  Could it be the hearer?  Are we to change?  Is this story about how we are transformed as we come to know Christ, perhaps not outwardly in appearance, but inwardly?

How has life changed as your faith has grown?   New experiences usually have an effect on us and they often result in changed perspectives.  Is this “radical transformation of appearance” a matter of transforming one’s perspectives?   As one of “many members of the body of Christ” wouldn’t we want to see as many perspectives as we can?   Try on a perspective that belongs to someone else this week and see how you might be transformed.