Synod Assembly 2012

Our four voting members & two pastors gave a great report on Sunday, May 6 about an important mission we can be a part of this year [more on that later–stay tuned!].  Each year, we travel to Rochester for the Southeastern MN Synod of the ELCA’s 20day Assembly with about 500 other Lutherans in the 9 county region.

But for now, here’s a 10 minute video on where your mission support dollars go, what they do, and how they transform lives.  It’ll do your heart good to take the time to watch.

And as you watch, ask yourself:  how does First Lutheran share a living, daring confidence in God’s grace?


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  1. Despite mulitple attempts, a technical glitch is preventing me from embedding the video. Just click on the blue hyperlink above to be taken to the video. Thanks!

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