Pentecost All Around

In mulling over the meaning of Pentecost this week, I read a popular sermon by Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber, who serves a mission congregation in Colorado.  It made me realize again that no matter what our context–a church that’s small, finding its way, just a few years old–to our congregation’s larger and more established ministry–the message of Pentecost reforms every community, everywhere.  Here on Sunday, pastorcl spoke of Spirit-led changes.  Similarly, Bolz-Weber writes:

Just like that first Pentecost God still says yes to all our polite no thank yous.  God still crashes our parties and invites in the people we are trying to avoid. That’s the thing about the Pentecost Spirit of truth: it feels like the truth might crush us. And that is right.  The truth crushes us, but the instant it crushes us it put us back together into something real.  Perhaps for the first time.

Because the radical and mysterious and dangerous thing the Spirit does has always been to form us into the Body of Christ. Sometimes despite us, sometimes against us, but always for us. Because it is only the Spirit who can turn us from a “they” into a “we”.

Holy God, reform us not as we wish, but as you will.  Amen.

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