Other Boats

In the fantastic, action-packed story of Jesus stilling the storm in Mark 4:35-41, there is a verse that is easily overlooked.  It’s the tiny sentence at the end verse 36:  Other boats were with him. 

I did an informal survey of art this week.  Didn’t take long to conclude that in most artwork, only a single boat is drawn or painted:  the one with Jesus in it.  Were the other boats not also swamped, scared, and crying out?  What did those passengers do or say?  Did they also react with amazement when the calm seas descended?  And what did those anonymous seafarers do afterward?

Verse 36 makes me realize that for all the hard times I may experience, there may well be other boats nearby…experiencing the same.

Calm and loving Lord, you calm the seas for me.  And for others.  For both truths, I am grateful.  Amen.

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